Monday, 24 September 2012

Osman's Cherry!

We all mooch websites, magazines, photos on twitter and now and again we find gems! Something lovely we know we will probably never this case probably should be replaced with definitely! But, we can imagine another life! Another you! Why not! Why not lose yourself in a dream land where life is hassle free and beautiful just for that little moment!
My day dream came today when Hervia tweeted about the new Osman collection they now have!
Osman is a fabulous designer who I had the pleasure of interviewing in 2010 at Style Birmingham. It's a memory I cringe at as I'd never interviewed a designer and I was given very little notice! I just went to blog about the shows! What an honor though! Since then his name has popped up so much! He collections go from strength to strength and the likelihood of me laying hands on a piece are still as distant as ever!
Like I, I had my day dream! The dress is a beautiful floor length Cherry red beauty! With a wide asymmetric sleeve and a delicate gold belt at the waist. I instantly clicked the link and hoped I wouldn't see too many numbers underneath! Of course he is out of my price range! He's not high street, he's fashion lust!
I gave Hervia and Osman studio a quick tweet! They love it too!
I instantly decided I'd have a big plain gold ring, maybe with a hint of black in it and a silky 50's style waves, slightly to one side! I hadn't planned the shoes before I laughed at myself! Who do I think I am!
(If Cat Deeley can pull off Red at the Emmy's, I can pull off Cherry at the....well who knows!)
I enjoyed my day dream! Maybe I might come across a high street alternative for one of the weddings I'm off to next month! It won't be Osman but I can always carry on my daydream another day......


Picture courtesy of @Hervia
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Sunday, 23 September 2012


So recently I have done a little baking! The first set were a bit daft which was pretty perfect! Perfect because they were for my mom! :op she just turned 50! They were pink and green inside ad half had lilac buttercream icing and half and fondant icing.
I added some blue, white and pink flowers :)
The second half I made for a meal at a friends. I came home from work and spend some time on my own with icing! Strange but when you're around teenagers all day you just need some quiet!
I did little gardens and really liked them! I usually make the sponge then decorate and by then I'm tired and in a mess! This time, working backwards, it was a lot more enjoyable and the results were a lot better! :)


Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Necklines and necklaces

This week I have started to take photos of some of the jewellery and accessories I have been wearing. I have decided to make more of an effort for work even though I don't really need to! After a month in Thailand wearing shorts and t-shirts, having dirty feet and no make up....I think I being girly is now justified!

1. Is a Thai necklace I just bought from Chiang Mai. With a Topshop maxi dress. I'm cheating a little here, this was a weekend outfit not work!

2. Primark breat plate necklace with Topshop scallop edge vest and Primark speckled cardigan. My first winter purchase!

3. Newlook beaded necklace I had a few years ago with an old lace Topshop dress that I will never get bored of wearing!

4. Miss Selfridges tribal beaded necklace with a Newlook fold buttoned sleeveless blouse and black H&M blazer

5. Essie mint candy apple nail polish, Sicilian turquoise ring and Hawaiian silver ring


Latest creation!

Anniversary card,
Birthday card with lavender
Birthday card with flowers and banner